Deputy Speaker of HOR Mohammed Shuaib submits his resignation to the presidency of the Council

The member of the House of Representatives (HOR) Bashir Al-Ahmar confirmed  that the First Deputy Speaker of the HOR, Mohammed Shuaib submitted his resignation to the presidency of the Council.

Al-Ahmar said in a statement on Saturday  to Arraed LG  that the next session  is scheduled for next Monday,  and will include the election of a new deputy to the President of the Council, pointing out that the HOR discussed in the last session the appointment of a new deputy to the new President of the Council.

It is noteworthy that Mohammed Shuaib was a deputy for the city of Zawia, and served as the first deputy speaker of the HOR in a year, in addition to chairing the Political Dialogue Committee on the HOR for a long time.

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