HOR member Fathi Bashaga: There are requirements that must be met before the elections in Libya

House of Representatives member Fathi Bashaga said that one of the requirements for the elections in Libya is the establishment of security, and the extension of security control throughout the country, especially the major cities, starting with Tripoli.

In a post on his Facebook page Bashaga said that tackling the economic and financial crisis is also important before the holding of elections because he does not envision the possibility of holding fair elections in light of inflation, lack of services and commodities, and lack of cash flow. He added that some may take advantage of people’s need and suffering to achieve victory in the elections.

He went on to state that the unification of sovereign institutions and the end of the division of institutions are some of the most important ways to address the crisis. In turn creating the necessary environment for fair elections.

In addition, according to Bashaga, a national message which stresses national reconciliation and renunciation of violence and hatred must be launched. A voter should be able to choose who represents them out of their conviction stemming from reason and logic, rather than, hatred, stubbornness, and revenge.

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