The Electoral Commission signs a governance agreement and reviews its anti-corruption strategy

On Sunday, the National Electoral Commission signed a governance agreement with ‘Watan Organization’ for the promotion of governance and reform, in celebration of the completion of its strategy to promote transparency, accountability and fighting corruption.

The governance agreement was signed with the Watan Organization in the presence of members of the commission’s board, the director general, members of the Committee responsible for formulating the strategy, representatives of the National Anti-Corruption Commission, representatives of some civil society organizations, and a number of guests.

Commission member Abdul Hakim Al Shaab expressed his satisfaction with what the commission has achieved in developing its organizational and administrative structure; stressing the commission’s commitment to follow the path of governance, reform and combating corruption through strategies that support justice, transparency, institutional accountability, and enhance confidence and credibility in the work environment.

The Supreme National Electoral Commission announced last Wednesday, the start of voter registration process, and the update for the electoral register, which will continue this process for 60 days.

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