The Justice and Construction Bloc stresses its support for the current track at its meeting with the EU mission

The Justice and Construction Bloc of the Supreme Council of the State affirmed its continued support for implementing the terms of the political agreement and ending the citizens suffering.

During a meeting with the European Union mission in Tripoli on Thursday, the Bloc stated that it supports the UN initiative, and will make all concessions in order to reach an agreement that ends the crisis and takes into account the principle of balance and partnership, in addition to supporting the constitutional process and its completion in order to end the transitional period- according to the official page of the Justice and Construction Party.

The ambassador for the European Union, Bettina Muscheidt, stressed the Union’s support for the political and democratic process and its total rejection of dictatorship and tyranny. She also stressed that the Security Council and the European Union refuse to deal with the parallel bodies and praised the Justice and Construction Party’s role in supporting the consensual track.

Muscheidt pointed to the need to create the appropriate atmosphere for holding fair and transparent elections in which opportunities are equal, giving great attention to the situation in Libya; adding that and the European Union is keen to support the success of the political process in order to achieve stability.

On the humanitarian situation of the city of Derna, the ambassador stressed that she called for lifting the siege on civilians and allowing humanitarian needs to enter the city.

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