Musa Faraj: Starting voter registration does not mean setting the date for elections

On Thursday, Musa Faraj, a member of the Supreme Council of the State, said that the announcement of the High Commission regarding the start of registration and updating the voter register has nothing to do with determining the date of elections.

Faraj added that the commission is supposed to open and update the electoral register every year in order to be ready when a date is set for elections.

In a statement to Arraed LG, Faraj explained that the date of the elections is issued by the legislative authority and approved by the Council of Representatives in consultation with the Supreme Council of the State, as stipulated in the political agreement.

Faraj pointed out that the elections need a unified government, to achieve the constitutional entitlement, indicating that they seek to reach this with the House of Representatives, in order to form the executive authority represented in the presidential council, and a consensual government.

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