Head of Justice and Construction Party Mohamed Sowan: invoking accusations that are not proven in order to interfere in Libyan affairs is unacceptable

On Friday, the head of the Justice and Construction Party, Mohamed Sowan, said that the exploitation of Libya’s political situation by countries looking for justifications for intervention is unacceptable.

He added that Libya is the first victim of the crisis of illegal immigration, and the allegations of a slave trade has not been confirmed by the authorities concerned; adding that the evidence provided is weak and perhaps fabricated. He also stressed that Libya is a transit country, and not a stable destination for migrants.

Sowan called on the United Nations to support the Libyan authorities, in accordance with its’ conventions and without violating Libyan sovereignty; in order to achieve stability and find a “solution” to the migrant crisis. He noted the need for concerted efforts of countries of origin, targeted countries, and international organizations to help reduce this phenomenon.

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