The Libyan Government is Adopting an Immigration  Working Group

Government of National Accord has activated a migration Working Group to be headed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the International Organization for Migration (IOM). The team is considered to be one of the six working teams adopted within the framework of coordinating international technical cooperation with Libya.

On Wednesday, the UN mission to Libya said that the Working Group aims to coordinate common immigration strategies and policies and to establish a platform for constructive discussion aimed at providing mechanisms and solutions to regulate the response to migration, as well as to ensure the respect for human rights and reduce the flow of non-migrants.

The head of the Migration Working Group, Jalal Al-Aashsi, said that the importance of establishing this team at this time is to work closely with the international community in general and the International Organization for Migration; particularly to be able to overcome the outstanding problems and develop ways to address the phenomenon of migration in the region.

Chief of Mission of the International Organization for Migration (IOM), Othman Belbeisi, said that they hoped that the working group would be the first step towards coordinating efforts to manage the migration issue for the interest of all parties.

Belbeisi said a number of subgroups will be activated to cover key priority areas to address and regulate migration, such as policies, border management and public health issues.

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