Libya’s ambassador to Burkina Faso: Libya unfairly accused of slave trade and the issue is an international concern

Libya’s ambassador to Ouagadougou, Abdulrahman Khamadah, said that Libya had been unfairly accused; adding that that the slave trade is an international problem that everyone should step up to resolve, after the foreign minister of Burkina Faso summoned him on Monday over charges of selling African migrants at an auction in Libya.

In a press conference on Tuesday, the ambassador appealed to the European Union, the African Union and the international community to help Libya reach a final solution to the migrant crisis and to intensify efforts to address the threat of illegal migration that is rupturing the country’s social fabric.

African and European leaders are scheduled to meet next week in Ivory Coast’s Abidjan, where the agenda will focus on migration and Europe’s efforts to deal with it in cooperation with Libya.

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