GNA Minister of Interior Al-Aref Al-Khoja: Illegal immigrants can not be accepted in Libya

On Monday, the interior minister of the GNA, Al-Aref Al-Khoja called to amend points from the meeting on Migration in the Central Mediterranean, specifically on the matter of refugees. .

On the sidelines of the meeting of the Ministers of the Interior of the Contact Group on Migration in the Central Mediterranean, held in Bern, Switzerland, Al-Khoja explained that Libya can not deal with or accept the issue of illegal immigrants because Libyan laws and legislation have no reference to this issue.

According to the Ministry’s Facebook page, Al-Khoja stressed that the existing laws govern illegal immigration, and being that Libya is a transit country, and all those who had entered it without permit are considered to be illegal immigrants.

Al-Khoja added that Libya was not a subsidizer to the 1951 Refugee Convention or other similar conventions. However, Libya is ready to cooperate and coordinate with such efforts.

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