Libya’s delegate to the Security Council Mahdi Al-Maghrabi: Libyan authorities are exercising the use of their jurisdictional authority does not mean that international criminal decisions are not respected

Libya’s delegate to the Security Council, Mahdi Al-Maghrabi, said that Libyan authorities are responsible for fighting impunity and achieving justice on Libyan soil.

During a speech at the Security Council on Wednesday, Al-Maghrabi explained that just because Libyan authorities are exercising their sovereignty and jurisdictional authority to prosecute the accused, that does not mean that the decisions of the Judges of the International Criminal Court are not respected. He added that they “regard the court as an important partner.

Al-Mughrabi also stated that delaying the trial and prosecution of the accused does not mean that the national judiciary does not want to punish the perpetrators; adding that security conditions in Libya are the cause of the delay which have prevented the prosecutor’s office from conducting investigations inside Libya.

Al-Mughrabi expressed astonishment at international organizations’ reports focused on the alleged crimes committed against migrants as they completely omit reference to efforts at combatting human trafficking carried out by international transboundary networks. He stated that they “hope that future reports will include procedural efforts on what has been achieved in combating these crimes, networks established in the countries of origin and destination, as Libya is a country which falls along migration routes and suffering from insecurity and instability”.

Al-Mughrabi went on to state that the investigation and prosecution in Libya would promote justice, as the crimes committed occurred on Libyan soil. He stressed that justice pertains to all and that his sentiments are not limited to a particular case or perpetrator.

Al-Maghrabi also refused the association made by a Security Council suggesting that terrorism is linked to Islam when stating that  “Libya is suffering from Islamic terrorism.” He expressed that such sentiments are unacceptable and that terrorism can not be linked to any religion.

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