The Justice and Construction Party Condemns the Attempt to Assassinate Interior Undersecretary in Benghazi

The Justice and Construction Party (AB) condemned the attempted assassination of the GNA Interior Ministry’s Undersecretary, Faraj Qaim,  by a car bomb in Benghazi.

Last Sunday in Benghazi, the GNA Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior, Faraj Qaim, was the subject of an assassination attempt by a car bomb explosion that was planted in conjunction with the passing of his vehicle.

In a statement, the party called on the presidential council to open an investigation and expose those who were involved in the incident and to ensure that they do not escape punishment. He said that the assassination attempt was a “terrorist act” aimed to cause  further chaos and instability in the country.

The AB Party called on the Ministry of the Interior of the GNA to support its security services in Benghazi, which “suffers from a security breach and a virtual absence of state authority,” and is calling for the necessary security measures to be taken in order to extend security within the city,

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