Al-Suwaheli: Operation Dignity forces is an “armed organization outside the state apparatus”

On Monday, the head of the Supreme Council of State, Abdulrahman Al-Suwaheli, said that the forces of Operation Dignity are an “armed organization outside state apparatus.” In an interview with Reuters, Al-Suwaheli accused the leader of Operation Dignity, Khalifa Haftar, and his supporters of seeking to return to “authoritarian rule,” describing Hafter as living the role of Gaddafi.

The president of the Council stressed the need for a unified professional military institution under civilian leadership, without focusing on the personalities that will lead the army.

Al-Suwehli stressed that the delegations of the Supreme Council of State and the House of Representatives are “almost in agreement” on the structure of the new transitional government and the mechanism of its selection. He explained that the goal is to form a management to govern until the elections, which will help the country with political and economic stability.

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