Fayez Al-Sarraj condemns the failed attempted assassination of Deputy Minister Faraj Qaim and calls for a unified position rejecting these “crimes”

The President of the Presidential Council, Fayez Al-Sarraj, condemned the failed attempt to “assassinate” the Deputy Minister of Interior, Faraj Qaim, in Benghazi on Sunday. Al-Sarraj also called for a unified position rejecting these crimes.

In a statement posted on the government’s Facebook page on Sunday, Al-Sarraj described the incident as a “terrorist” act; adding that such incidents represent a dangerous escalation of violence aimed at the security and stability of the country.

Al-Sarraj called on political parties to take a clear and frank position, declaring their rejection of the use of violence and incitement. He also stressed that the relevant authorities will conduct an investigation and work to identify those responsible for this “crime” and bring them to justice.

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