Justice and Constructive Party calls for an end to the armed operations and calmness in the region of Wershfana

The Justice and Constructive Party expressed its “grave concern”  in regards to the region of Wershfana’s military incursions, calling for an end to armed operations and calmness in the region.

According to the party’s description on Friday, they warned of the repercussions of the military escalation and the renewal of acts of violence that threaten the lives of civilians and their humanitarian situation, and harm the social fabric, not to mention the set-back to the efforts in achieving national reconciliation. They called on all sides to stop military operations,  and let the voice of reason win.

The party demanded the presidential council to intervene quickly to stop the fighting and take all measures to combat the crime and the establishment of security in the region through the institutions of the state security and police.

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