#HOR member Abu Bakr Baira: The shelling of #Derna caused “accidental destruction” and the people of #Derna are to blame

House of Representatives member Abu Bakr Baira said that the situation in Derna is “complex”;  describing it as a “center of terrorist groups”.

In a press statement released on Tuesday, Baira said that he blames all the people of Derna because they left the city “subject to terrorist groups” despite the existence of leaders for the city in the House of Representatives and the Supreme Council of the State.

Baira described the effects of the aerial bombardment on #Derna as  “accidental destruction”; adding that “in the war the targets can not be accurately hit in any case”.

He also stated that Operation Dignity forces do not want to enter Derna so that the destruction that took place in Benghazi is not repeated in Derna, which is why they are only pursuing and upkeeping the siege.

In an interview about the identity of the aircraft that bombed the city of Derna, Baira said that Libyan sovereignty is “violated” and that the United States is aware of where the aircraft were deployed from and bombed Derna. He added that the leadership of Operation Dignity is also aware of the identity of the aircraft. He went on to state that he can not disclose this information as it is confidential.

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