Operation Dignity denies responsibility for the bombing of #Derna and accuses “terrorist” units of being responsible for the incident

Operation Dignity Spokesperson, Ahmad Al-Mesmari, denied that their warplanes had raided Al-Fatayeh in #Derna; adding that they have ordered an investigation into the civilian casualties resulting from the shelling East of the city.

In a press statement released, Al-Mesmari added those martyred in Derna are a result of terrorists attacking the outskirts of Derna.

However, it is noteworthy that one of the channel affiliated with Operation Dignity had announced that the Operation Dignity air force is responsible for the bombing of Al-Fatayeh in Derna on Monday.

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Head of the Supreme Council of the State Abdulrahman Al-Swehli: The #Derna massacre requires a non-partisan and non-political response

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