Operation Dignity spokesperson, Ahmed Al-Mismari: There are no obstacles to the unification of the army and we are considering the formation of a General Command Council

The spokesperson for Operation Dignity, Ahmed Al-Mismari, said that they had formed joint sub-committees with specific responsibilities, which shall commence on Monday in parallel meetings, in order to develop mechanisms to unify the army and establish sound rules for building the military establishment.

Al-Mismari said that the committees will study the formation of the General Command Council of the Army, the restructuring of the military establishment, and the formation of the Supreme Council of Defense; which will be authorized to make vital decisions- such as crisis management and issues relating to the war on terrorism.

In a statement on Sunday, published on his Facebook page, Al-Mismari stated that they exceeded the obstacles hindering the unification of the military establishment in Libya during the Cairo meetings.

He added that there are no real obstacles to the unification of the national army; adding that after meeting with personnel from the western region all obstacles have been diminished. Al-Mismari also said that they are currently studying how to raise the quality and efficiency of the military establishment and its employees and effective ways to rid Libya of terrorism and crime.

Al-Mismari stressed the importance of developing a vision in order to solve the problem of parallel formations of the armed forces. He added that there will be no body parallel to the army under any name. Moreover, he stated that they are studying the potential of a military police and a Military Intelligence Department due to their importance in supporting the functions of the military.

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