Migrants continue to be sent to the shelter in #Gharyan and diseases spread among them

The media advisor to the Agency for Illegal Immigration Control, Milad Al- Saadi, confirmed the continued transfer of migrants from #Sabratha to #Al_Hamra in #Gharyan; and then on to other centers from there.

In a statement to Arraed LG on Saturday, Saadi said that since the end of the clashes in #Sabratha, the #Al_Hamra shelter has received about 7,000 illegal immigrants. He expected about 3,000 more immigrants from #Sabratha; noting that the center can not accommodate more than 4,000 immigrants.

Saadi described the situation inside the center of Al-Hamra as “tragic” due to the lack of food and medical assistance; pointing out that the migrants coming from #Sabratha are suffering from malnutrition. He also pointed to the spread of many infectious diseases among migrants in the centers, including:- scabies, tuberculosis and pulmonary tuberculosis. In addition many other diseases are spreading due to the poor health care provided to migrants in #Al_Hamra and other centres.

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