#Government #Libya #News – Head of Supreme Council of the State Abdulrahman Asswehly: Operation Dignity’s attempts to ignite wars in the western region is ‘irresponsible foul-play’

The head of the Supreme Council of the State, Abdulrahman Asswehly said that attempts by Operation Dignity  to ignite wars and destabilize the security situation in the western region are “irresponsible” and will fail due to the awareness of Libyans.

On Sunday, Asswehly, told Italian newspaper La Repubblica on that Libyans realized that war will only lead to thedestruction and disruption of the social fabric; warning that the political crisis in #Sabratha would be exploited by some. Asswehly then called the creation of efforts geared towards dialogue and reconciliation in order to solve the crisis.

He clarified that the military solution is completely rejected in #Libya and that there is no alternative to the political solution, which is sponsored by the United Nations, in accordance to the plan announced in #New_York.

Asswehly added that Libya needs a strong united national government that has achieved broad political consensus, in order to alleviate the suffering of the citizens, end the existing division,to unify state institutions, and to pave the way for writing the constitution and ending the transitional period with the holding of presidential elections.

In regards to #Italy’s support for #Libya, Asswehly said that the spread of #ISIS and illegal immigration has declined significantly in recent months, thanks to the cooperation and coordination between the #Libyan and #Italian authorities. He added that finding a solution to these crises requires sustained security and political stability.

Asswehly arrived last Friday at #Rome for an official visit to #Italy, and during his visit, he held several meetings with #Italian Foreign Minister Angelino Alfano, Italian Interior Minister Marco Minetti and Italian Parliament Speaker Laura Boldrini.

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