#Government #Libya #News – Dignity forces commander issues video statement defecting from Haftar in opposition of one man rule in Libya

The commander of the western axis of Benghazi, Commander Bashir Bouthefiera, appeared on Friday in a video showing his opposition to the return of individual rule in Libya.

In a circular recording of social networking sites, Bouthefiera said the February 17 revolution came as a rejection of Ghaddafi’s individual rule, and confirmed that he defected from the Dignity forces because its goal was to return dictatorship to Libya.

He explained that he did not come forward earlier in order to prevent division among the Ajdabiya tribe. He also asserted that he was one of the first to support Haftar’s Dignity forces because it was “meant to support the army and not individual.”

The Commander expressed his readiness to be held accountable and tried for the charges against him, but on the condition that he be tried by the state and judicial institutions, unlike the charges brought against Major Mahmoud al-Warfali.

He called on the Mugharaba tribe to rise up against the one-man rule that the Dignity forces seeks to establish in Libya.

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