#Government #Libya #News – Member of the House of Representatives, Ali Al-Talkali: There is no alternative to the political agreement, and amendment is a possibility

On Sunday, a member of the House of Representatives, Ali Al-Takali, stated that there is no other alternative to the political agreement that will unite Libyans at this stage, despite the opposition of numerous parties since the signing of the Skhirat Agreement.

He added that to avoid any problems that may occur on 17th December 2017, the second anniversary of the signing, they will focus on amending any areas of disagreement. The amendment is a step towards completing the constitution, and beginning the transition of implementing the constitution in a permanent manner.

Regarding the initiatives to solve the crisis, Takali stated the multiple initiatives are not in the interest of resolving the Libyan crisis, and that the crisis will only be further complicated by the disagreements of different parties with their own interests.

He stressed that the solution to the Libyan crisis should not deviate from the framework of the United Nations through its mission of support in #Libya.

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