Foreign Minister Siala Claims Saudi is Acting “Secretive” on Detained Libyans

The Government of National Accord (GNA) Foreign Minister Mohamed Siala, says Saudi Arabia did not explain the reason for detaining two Libyan nationals,” Saudi is secretive and not forthcoming about the whole issue,” Siala told AKIpress.

“The Kingdom has not issued an arrest warrant against Mahmoud bin Rajab and Mohamed Khazrawi.” Siala gives the impression that the basis of the detention is a security list compiled by Saudi Arabia. “They [Saudi] claim the names of the two detainees appear on a national security watch-list of four names, including bin Rajab, Khazrawi, and two other people.”

Two Libyan citizens were detained after they were denied from boarding a flight from Saudi Arabia to Libya, the arrest sparked widespread condemnation by Libyans across the country. Siala says his ministry will continue to work with its Saudi counterpart to secure bin Rajab and Khazrawi’s safe release.

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