Al-Ghweil Says Haftar is a Coup Plotter

(Author: Libyan Gazette Editorial Staff)


The leader of the Government of National Congress (GNC), Khalifa Al-Ghweil stated that the GNC will not be changing its stance on General Khalifa Haftar. The GNC accuse Haftar of being a coup plotter who has a lengthy record of crimes he committed in Libya.

The GNC has also suggested that Hafter should be arrested and tried for his crimes in a Libyan court.

“We have told our fellow citizens in the east to rally around us if they wanted to form a real military institution that will be governed not with a single person and we told them that Libya is for all of us,” said Al-Ghweil.

A meeting between the GNC and key figures in eastern Libya resulted in an agreement to coordinate efforts in order to serve the Libyan people. The efforts will be coordinated among five service ministries in the GNC and key political figures in the east to serve the Libyan people, said Al-Ghewil in an interview with Al-Jazeera.

The GNC hopes to undermine the Skhirat agreement, which resulted in the current UN-backed Government of National Accord (GNA), and prove its inefficiency and failure to serve the Libyan people.

According to Al-Ghewil, western support for Haftar’s Operation Dignity is obvious and Al-Sarraj’s bias works in favour of a small number of Libyans and not all.

“We have left the door open for the efforts aimed at unifying the country in order to maintain its sovereignty.” said Al-Ghweil, adding that the UN-backed GNA is an illegitimate government that is only causing more turmoil in Libya.

Al-Ghweil, who is the chairman of the Government of National Salvation which is derived from the former GNC, stormed the headquarters of the Supreme Council of State at the Rixos Hotel last month with local militias. The Supreme Council of State, was one of the outcomes of the Libyan political agreement and was originally made up of members of the GNC.

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