Libyan Ambassador Fired

Ibrahim Dabbashi, Libya’s ambassador to the UN, said that he has been fired from his diplomatic position.

Dabbashi claims that Prime Minister Fayaz Al-Sarraj of the Libyan unity government took the decision to fire Dabbashi without the approval of the parliament.

However, Dabbashi said he will not oppose the Prime Minister’s decision as he does not want to be a reason for the tension between the Government of National Accord (GNA) and Libya’s parliament based in Tobruk to grow deeper. He said he will take a “vacation leave” and will wait on the parliament to make a decision on the matter.

When asked if he would call on the parliament to back Prime Minister’s Al-Sarraj’s decision, Dabbashi said “Yes”.

Moreover, Dabbashi said even though the international community backs Prime Minister Al-Sarraj’s government, it must also respect the authority of Libya’s constitutional legislation “even if it comes through the Security Council.”

Prior to this incident, Akilah Saleh, speaker of the parliament in Tobruk, said he was prepared to file a lawsuit with the International Court of Justice against the UN for “deepening the gap in Libya and hurdling efforts to solve the crisis”.

Saleh said the UN should not support Al-Sarraj’s government especially after the parliament in Tobruk passed a vote of no-confidence earlier this week.

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