Libya Already Preparing for Post-Victory in Sirte

(Author: Libyan Gazette Editorial Staff)


Post victory talks among Libyan officials are already taking place as the Libyans announce the appointment of a military governor to administer Sirte, once their forces are victorious against ISIS.

Colonel Mohamed Al-Ghasrie said, “our forces will nominate a leader. He might rule for a period of six months or less” in addition to other officials who will be working towards re-establishing normal life in Sirte.

The Libyan forces loyal to the UN-backed unity government (GNA) continue to liberate more areas of Sirte’s city centre from ISIS. “We are still advancing. We won’t stop until all of Sirte is liberated,” said Al-Ghasri.

Getting rid of ISIS would bring a sense of relief to the country who has been struggling to maintain a good sense of security. For the GNA and its Prime Minister Fayez Al-Sarraj a victory over ISIS could give them more credibility to unify the country.

So far there have been about 300 deaths for the GNA forces since the beginning of the battles to kick ISIS out of Sirte in May. Al-Sarraj requested military assistance from the US which came on August 1 in the form of an airstrikes campaign.

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