Denmark Willing to Destroy Chemical Weapons in Libya

(Author: Libyan Gazette Editorial Staff)

On Monday, Denmark announced it is prepared to offer its support to an international operation intended to rid Libya of chemical weapons.

The Danish government said it is ready to send a container vessel, a support ship and 200 staff to rid Libya of chemical weapons.

The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemicals Weapons (OPCW) which is backed by The UN would be lead by Denmark in coordination with Finland and other countries.

This came after Libya requested the OPCW to suggest a way to destroy the chemical weapons that were stored at the Ruwagha depot, located in the southeastern region of Libya.

Kristian Jensen, Denmark’s Foreign Minister, said, “Denmark will once again show international responsibility by contributing very concretely to international efforts to reduce the spread of chemical weapons in the world.”

Denmark had been a major player in removing and destroying chemical weapons in Syria in 2014, and now it has been requested by the OPCW, and the US to get involved in a similar operation in Libya.

The Danish parliament will be voting on this issues later this week.

“The OPCW is expected to accept a German offer to undertake the subsequent destruction of the chemical substances,” said the Danish government.

On July 22 the UN security Council supported efforts to extract and remove chemical weapons from Libya to ensure that groups like ISIS do not get their hands on them.

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