UN Envoy Kobler Calls on Eastern Government to Respect the Presidential Council’s Authority Over Oil Resources

Author: Libyan Gazette Editorial Staff


UN envoy Kobler calls on all parties in Libya to respect PC authority over Libya’s natural resources

Martin Kobler, head of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL), stated he was deeply concerned over recent ISIS attacks on Libyan oil fields, and called on all parties to respect the authority of the UN-backed Presidency Council (PC) over the country’s natural resources.

“The attacks of the so called Islamic States and its intention to control vital strategic areas are a serious threat to Libya’s oil installations. It constitutes a grave assault not only on the lifeline of Libya’s national economy, but on the very livelihoods of millions of ordinary Libyans, many of who are already enduring hardship as a consequence of the ongoing political and military conflict in Libya,” Kobler stated.

Kobler, who echoed the statements given by Libya’s Presidency Council (PC) on April 24, joined in on the PC’s calls to protect the country’s oil fields from terrorist threats.

“I call on all security actors to respect the authority of the Presidency Council over Libya’s natural resources.”

On Monday, the Government of National Accord’s (GNA) PC stressed that it would not allow oil fields to be targeted or used for political purposes, especially since Libya relies almost exclusively on crude oil exports for revenues. The PC stated that it would take all necessary measures to thwart any terrorist threats and any attempts by other political parties or rebel groups to target oil fields are aimed at blackmailing the GNA.

Kobler also reminded all parties in Libya of the March 31 UN Security Council resolution 2278 which condemns all attempts by parallel institutions and other political factions to unlawfully export crude oil from Libya, and highlighted the GNA’s duty to safeguard oil fields and prevent the illegal export of oil from Libya.

In a Twitter post on Wednesday April 27, Kobler condemned the illicit export of crude oil by the eastern government’s parallel National Oil Corporation (NOC), which found a buyer for its illegal shipment of oil in UAE trading company DSA Consultancy. The UN sanctions committee blacklisted the Indian-flagged tanker, the Distya Ameya, preventing it from entering any ports.

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