Serbian Pipeline Engineer Abducted in Libya Released

Author: Libyan Gazette Editorial Staff


Serbian pipeline engineer, Miroslav Tomic, who was captured on Saturday from Messla oil field by unidentified kidnappers near the Egyptian border has been freed.

Tomic who was employed by a German company Ferrostaal was abducted while inspecting an oil field in a remote area roughly 1,200 km (750 miles) east from Tripoli.

“We have confirmed information he was released from captivity. We have been informed he will appear at his workplace tomorrow,” a Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said without elaborating, reported Reuters.

Tomic’s abduction took place in an area that is not currently controlled by any of Libya’s competing governments. Details surrounding Tomic’s abduction and subsequent release have not yet been revealed. 

The newly formed UN backed unity Government of Accord which has gained grounds in establishing itself has gained the support of Libyans across the country, central institutions and the international community. The Tobruk-based House of Representatives continues to place obstacles through delaying its vote of confidence, a symbolic step required by the Libyan Political Agreement. Yet, the GNA has moved forward notwithstanding the opposition.

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