#Government #Libya #News – The #HoR held their meeting this evening after the removal of protesters in front it headquarters in #Tobruk

On Monday, #HoR member, Ezzedine Quirib, released a statement to Arraed LG stating that the group of protesters were sitting in front of #HoR headquarters in #Tobruk have been dismantled.

Quirib added that the sit-in protests were due to the fact that the protestors were demanding their delayed salaries. He added that the #HoR members will hold their meeting at 4 pm.

On Monday, #HoR spokesperson, Abdullah Balihak, stated that it originally intended that the meeting be held in the evening; however, there was a delay in the arrival of #HoR members by plane from #Tripoli, and the protests took place.

#HoR member, Ali Takali, released a statement to Arraed LG stating that the agenda of today’s session is centered around the results of the first round of political dialogue held in #Tunisia.

UN envoy to #Libya Ghassan Salame said that the Joint Drafting Committee of the #HoR and the Supreme Council of the State will begin its work next Saturday.

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