Al-Urfi: “Bashagha” will present the formation of his government tomorrow, and there is continuous communication with him.

MP Abdul Moneim Al-Urfi said in a statement to Arraed on Sunday that “Bashagha” will present the formation of his government to the parliament, in tomorrow’s session, Monday, at 11:30 am.


Al-Urfi explained that the parliament will vote on the ministerial formation on Tuesday, noting that there is a hot line between “Bashagha”’s office and the Presidency of the House of Representatives every hour or two; To follow developments and exchange information first-hand.

Al-Urfi expected that Dbaiba would not hand over power, “but no one will be with him on the ground.” Al-Urfi indicated that Dbaiba makes promises in the air, pursues his own policy and feels that he is “Gaddafi.”

Al-Urfi added that they thought that the Dbaiba government would reform the state and strengthen the dinar, but it turned to looting.

It is reported that the House of Representatives received last Thursday the ministerial formation of the “Bashagha” government.

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