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The Libyan Gazette was founded in 2016 and is the #1 English online media outlet dedicated to researching, collecting and distributing high-quality news about Libya.

We are a window into Libya and provide the world with in-depth news about the political, economic, social and cultural landscape of the country.

To many Libya is an unknown country in Africa, however, Libya is one of the most important countries of our time. Being one of the largest Oil Producers in the world, many world leaders have already taken strategic positions in Libya. With the rise of ISIS, and a constant threat of civil war, a proper navigation through this news is where the Libyan Gazette prides itself.

The Libyan Gazette has reached a large global audience by sticking to its main principle “Unity Above All News.” From Benghazi to Tripoli the Libyan Gazette is here to let the world know the unfiltered truth

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