#Government #Libya #News – UN Mission reveals plan of action for #Libya

The UN Mission in Libya announced the “Plan of Action for Libya”, which is based on the amendment of the political agreement; dividing it into three main phases.

According to the UN mission’s official Twitter account, the first phase begins next week with a meeting in the mission’s offices in #Libya for a drafting committee that will make the necessary adjustments to the political agreement in accordance with Article 12 of the Agreement itself.

The second phase of the plan begins with a national conference, under the care of the Secretary-General, aimed at providing opportunities to those parties that have not participated in the political agreement, whether they are excluded, marginalized or declined to participate in the political process.

This conference brings together the members of the House of Representatives, the Supreme Council of the State and other entities who are underrepresented.

The conference will also be used to determine members of executive institutions.

After the conference, the House of Representatives and the drafting body of the constitution must act in accordance to one another. The House of Representatives should give priority to the enactment of legislation to hold a constitutional referendum and parliamentary and presidential elections.

According to the plan, the drafting body of the constitution will review and revise its work, taking into account the observations and suggestions made during the National Conference.

The plan stressed the implementation of several points before the end of the second phase, and called on the Supreme National Electoral Commission to prepare for election in the coming period. It also called on the commission to establish a dialogue with armed groups with the aim of integrating their members into both the political process and civilian life.

In its plan, the UN mission emphasized the importance of a genuine initiative to unify the national army. The mission also stressed the need for the continuation and intensification of local reconciliation efforts, and the need for decisive action to address the issue of internally displaced persons.

The plan of action for Libya will end within a year of its launch. It’s final stage includes holding a referendum for the adoption of the constitution and the election of a president and parliament within the framework of the constitution to end Libya’s transition.

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