Tunisia and Algeria Call for Meeting to Discuss Libya

(Author: Libyan Gazette Editorial Staff)

A urgent meeting between Tunisian and Algerian officials has been called to address the situation in Libya, said Tunisian Foreign Minister, Khemaies Jhinaoui.

In a Television interview, Jhinaoui said that Tunisia recognizes and works with the Libyan UN-backed unity government, however, “the political agreement has not been finalized because the Tobruk Parliament did not adopt it due the presence of differences between the Libyans themselves.”

Jhinaoui, called on all Libyan factions to come together without excluding any group and engage in dialogue for the sake of Libya’s unity and stability. Jhinaoui emphasized that Tunisia has approached the Libyan political situation in a neutral manner.

Earlier this month, Tunisia border defense units were able to confiscate a supply of Kalashnikovs, rockets and landmines close to the Tunisian border with Libya, according to the Tunisian interior ministry.

The attempted smuggling operation raised concerns that ISIS fighters could likely cross over to Tunisia as Libyan forces continue to eradicate them from Sirte.

Tunisian forces have stepped up their border security, especially at the Libyan border, to prevent other ISIS fighters from entering the country. Some European nations are assisting Tunisia in increasing its security by offering training and technology.

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