Airstrike Hits Oasis Town in Libya Killing 8 Civilians

(Author: Libyan Gazette Editorial Staff)

On Tuesday, an airstrike hit an oasis town near Houn in central Libya killing eight civilians, among them women and children, said a doctor and an eyewitness.

No one has been able to link the war plane that launched the airstrikes to a specific group. Forces loyal to the parliament in eastern Libya and the government in western Libya are both operating in that region.

Close to 20 people were reported to have been injured by the airstrike. The victims of the attack were rushed to a hospital in Houn, according one of the doctor from the hospital.

Residents of Houn reported that they heard warplanes flying above them, and an eyewitness said that local hospital was in a “chaotic” state after the tragic incident.  

In addition, a helicopter crashed in eastern Libya on Monday evening killing six people, and of the those killed was Colonel Idris Younes, a senior advisor for the eastern parliament, said a military source from General Khalifa Haftar’s forces.

Not a lot of details were given about either incident, and no information was given suggesting that the two incidents were connected in any way.

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