ISIS Attacks Libyan Checkpoint in Sirte with Two Car Bombs

(Author: Libyan Gazette Editorial Staff)

Ten Government of National Accord (GNA) troops were killed on Thursday after two car bombs exploded. The attack was committed by ISIS suicide bombers in a desperate attempt to hold their position in Sirte, the extremist group’s only stronghold in Africa.

Ahmed Hadia, a spokesperson for the Libyan forces, said the attack happened in the West side of Sirte. 20 troops were fatally wounded and are not expected to make it as their injuries are life threatening.

“We believe it was conducted by ISIS fighters who were already outside of Sirte and came to aid their fighters there, who we are surrounding as they remain in their last areas,” said Hadia.

The cars drove right into a checkpoint where Libyan troops were positioned before setting off the explosion, described Hadia. Following the attack, Libyan forces raided a neighbourhood killing three ISIS fighters, he added.

Libyan forces are in the final stages of eliminating the presence of ISIS in Sirte. ISIS is known to use suicide attacks as a strategy to setback the advances of the Libyan forces. Libyan soldiers, however, have manage to corner ISIS into small areas, bringing them to their weakest strength in months.

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