US Sends Special Operations Troops to Libya

(Author: Libyan Gazette Editorial Staff)

US Special Operations troops are aiding and advising forces loyal to the UN-backed unity government in Tripoli (GNA) in their fight against ISIS in Sirte, said the Pentagon.

On Tuesday, Henrietta Levin, the Pentagon spokesperson said, “A small number of US forces have gone in and out of Libya to exchange information with local forces, and they will continue to do so as we strengthen the fight against ISIL (ISIS) and other terrorist organisations.”

Levin explained that the GNA set-up a joint operations room away from their battle with ISIS in order to enable its forces to establish a unified front against ISIS.

No other troops will be sent to Libya at this point, and the US will only be giving support to the GNA forces fighting ISIS, said Levin.

An unknown source from the Pentagon was quoted by The Washington Post saying, “American troops were operating out of a joint operations centre on the city’s outskirts and that their role was limited to supporting forces loyal to the country’s fragile unity government.”

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