French Ambassador Summoned By GNA

(Author: Libyan Gazette Editorial Staff)

Photo taken from the Nigeria Newsdesk.

The Libyan Government of National Accord (GNA) has called on the French ambassador to address the unconsented unwelcomed presence of French troops in Libya.

Last week the Defend Benghazi Brigade shot down one of General Khalifa Haftar’s helicopters in eastern Libya carrying French special forces killing everyone on board. The French had been working with Haftar, the GNA’s rival, to coordinate military action to gain greater control of eastern Libya.

The incident caught international attention with many asking why France, a United Nations member state, was clearly undermining the authority of the UN-backed internationally recognized Libyan GNA based in Tripoli.

A French diplomat said that the French ambassador Antoine Sivan, who is currently based in Tunisia, will be going to Libya in the next few days to answer to the GNA for the presence of French troops in Libya.

The French are “blatantly violating UNSCR (United Nation Security Council Resolution) 2259 that specifies unity government as only legit authority” tweeted Hanan Salah, a researcher on Libya for the Human Rights Watch.

On Sunday, the French government attempting to save face by changing tone and stating that French troops in eastern Libya were “supporting” the GNA government. Instead of answering to the criticism France addressed the need for all Libyan powers to work together in unity. Ironically, the GNA has attempted many times to work with Haftar yet he has unconditionally rejected the GNA.

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