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Saif Gaddafi Attempting to Avoid the Hauge

 (Author: Libyan Gazette Editorial Staff)

Karim Khan, lawyer of the former Libyan dictator’s son Saif Gaddaf, stated that the International Criminal Court (ICC) “will receive a filing in due course seeking to declare the case inadmissible,” as courts in Libya have convicted Saif for the same cases. Khan plans to submit the application in a few months.

The application would discuss the ICC’s provision that opposes a person having to be tried for the same crime twice. Saif Gaddafi already faced trial in Libya that ruled a death sentence for Saif Gaddafi but was never carried out.

Saif Gaddafi attended his own trial from Zintan through video conference call as the armed forces that control Zintan are against the Tripoli armed forces.

Khan is adamant that the trial in Tripoli should be seen as being legitimate, mostly because Saif Gaddafi’s death sentence in Libya could potentially be shortened.

The ICC came after Saif Gaddafi with an arrest warrant for crimes he committed against humanity, especially for his inhumane treatment of people in Libya during the 2011 uprising.

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