ISIS Uses Homes as Secret Torture Prisons

(Author: Libyan Gazette Editorial Staff)

The Libyan Government of National Accord (GNA) forces fighting against, the so-called, Islamic State of Iraq and Syria have discovered in Sirte what seems to be secret prisons as reported by the Middle Eastern Eye.

The luxury homes located near the industrial district in Sirte were used as makeshift jails housing prisoners from Sirte in inhumane conditions.

A soldier from the GNA forces who spoke to the Middle Eastern Eye said that four prisoners were found. The prisoners, who were from Sirte, “were in a very bad condition. They had been mistreated and were close to death when we found them. They had been left with no food or water and were starving to death,” described the soldier.

The cell the four Libyans were found in was very small in size that it could only fit one mattress. Other cells were large enough to hold over 30 prisoners. It is likely that ISIS took prisoners with them when they fled their makeshift jails around a week ago.

“Daesh [ISIS] never used official prisons in Sirte because all the local people knew where those were,” explained Ahmed, who used to live in Sirte. “Instead, they made secret prisons inside normal houses, like this one,” he said.

Ahmad says that hundreds of people who have been missing since ISIS took a hold of Sirte about a year ago and there is speculations that ISIS has abducted or killed them.

The GNA forces have been able to make significant advances in Sirte reducing ISIS’s power over Sirte and are getting close to ending the ISIS reign over Sirte.

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