GNA Forces Seize Two Military Camp in Sirte

(Author: Libyan Gazette Editorial Staff)

Operation Strong Foundation (Albinyan Almarsous) forces captured the Taqrift and the Al Jalet military camps in Sirte, as the Libyan army advanced further inside the ISIS stronghold on Wednesday.

General Mohamed Al-Ghasri told the Associated Press that Libyan forces have also seized the Al-Gharibat bridge, which is a key bridge in Sirte and is where ISIS militants used to hang people.

Six soldiers were reportedly killed and 30 wounded in Wednesday’s clashes, and among those killed was Abdul Rahman Keesah, head of the Libyan Bar Association and former minister.

The military engineering team has been dismantling mines planted by fleeing ISIS fighters to target Libyan troops in the surrounding areas.

In addition, the operations room’s media bureau said that Libyan forces had also seized Al-Jalet and the Taqrift military camps and the Abu Hadi roundabout south of Sirte, which  leads to the western entrance to the city.

A military official said that Libyan forces had encountered little resistance from ISIS militants in recent days aside from car bombs. He also said that the air force had carried out seven airstrikes, supporting the ground troops in their advance into Sirte by bombing ISIS positions and destroying a car bomb before it reached the troops.

Operation Strong Foundation forces are reportedly making their way towards the city’s port.

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