Al-Kisher: the rate of infections in Tarhuna reached 30% of the total swabs.

The head of the Tarhuna management council, “Mohamed Al-Kisher, said in a statement to Arraed on Saturday, that the percentage of infections with the Corona virus has recently risen, recording 30% of the total swabs.

Al-Kisher added that the temporary isolation center has begun to receive cases, but there is a reluctance for “male” doctors, and tasks are performed by female doctors without knowing the reasons, noting that the vaccination campaign began for school students, teachers and employees in the education sector.

Al-Kisher explained that the municipality has one temporary isolation center with about 15 beds, and that they have a shortage of medical equipment, pointing out that there is negligence on the part of the government because it did not establish an isolation center befitting the size of the municipality of Tarhuna and did not provide refrigerators to store vaccines and generators in vaccination centers.

Al-Kisher added that they contracted with a local company to provide generators and refrigerators so as not to damage the vaccines in the vaccination centers.

It is worth noting that the Director of the National Center for Disease Control Haider Al-Sayeh announced the official entry of Libya into the fourth wave of the Corona virus, after the spread of the “Omicron” mutant.

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