US condemns attack by Al-Jidran Forces on oil ports

The United States strongly condemned the recent attacks by Ibrahim Al-Jidran Forces on oil ports in Ras Lanuf and Es Sidra.

Foreign Ministry spokesperson Heather Neuert called on all armed forces to stop what she called “hostilities” and “immediately” withdraw from oil infrastructure before further damage.

Neuert stressed that the oil facilities should remain under the “exclusive control” of the National Oil Corporation and the supervision of the Government of National Accord (NOC), as set forth in UN Security Council Resolutions Nos. 2259, 2278 and 2362.

The oil crescent region is witnessing armed clashes between Haftar Forces and Al-Jidran resulted in losses of more than 400 thousand barrels, and the disruption of exports, the destruction of two reservoirs of crude oil, and losses of tens of billions of lost sales opportunities.

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