Tawergha and Misurata Councils conform to provisions of Peace Charter

The head of the commission charged from Misurata to meet Tawergha officials, Fathi Bushala said on Thursday, the Misurata Municipal Council and the local authorities of Tawergha agreed on a date for the signing of the charter of peaceful coexistence between the two cities, preferring not to reveal the exact date.

Bushala told ArraedLG, the members of the two councils, in their meeting on Wednesday, agreed on the provisions of the charter drafted by the two committees of Tawergha and Misurata, adding that the matter is reassuring and will bear good signs for the people of both cities.

The people of Tawergha, who are stationed in the Qarara Al-Qataf and Harawa areas, are waiting to return home since February.

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