Al-Saraj and Macron emphasize the need for a successful democratic process

The head of the Presidential Council (PC) Faiz Al-Saraj and French President, Emmanuel Macron affirmed on Monday, the need for a successful democratic track, and to find practical solutions to implement the constitutional and electoral entitlement.

In a phone call with the French president, Al-Saraj discussed the developments in the political situation in Libya and ways to move the current stalemate, stressing the need to enable the Libyan people to express their will and to elect their representatives through ballot boxes freely and transparently in an election process supervised and monitored by the United Nations.

Foreign media reported that France has introduced an initiative to resolve the Libyan crisis, which included several points, most notably the organization of parliamentary and presidential elections by the end of 2018, according to a timetable set by the United Nations.

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