People of Tawergha living in difficult humanitarian circumstances

Tawergha local council media office member, Nuri Al-Suweisi said on Sunday, the people of Tawergha, residing at Qarara Al-Qatef, are living in difficult humanitarian conditions, pointing out that a number of dilapidated tents fell on their residents on Friday night because of the wind, without causing any injury.

Al-Suweisi said in a statement to ArraedLG, the camp’s field hospital lacks some routine medicines for diabetics, pressure, heart and treatment for scorpion’s stings and snakes bites, adding that the tents in which they live are ruined by the heat of the sun.

He said, reptiles and insects such as scorpions and flies, increase the suffering of families, pointing out that the cases of scorpion sting are recorded daily, and cases of poisonous snake bites from time to time.

The people of Tawergha have been living since February in Qarara Al-Qatef area, after efforts to bring them back to their city have faltered.

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