France welcomes unification of military establishment under civilian authority

The French embassy in Libya welcomed on Monday, the talks, taking place in Cairo, on the unification of the military establishment, stressing that the reunification of the army under civilian authority is in line with the recommendations of the joint declaration adopted by the French president.

On its official Twitter account, the embassy considered the Cairo talks a “useful” complement to the mediation of the UN special envoy to Libya, Ghassan Salame, for Libyan reconciliation.

The embassy stressed its support for reconciliation under the United Nations umbrella, noting that Libya needs now more than ever a unified army representing all of Libya; to combat terrorism and smuggling and to ensure the security of its borders.

The final statement of the participants in the Cairo talks confirmed the continuation of the delegation of the military institution to its meetings; to discuss the mechanisms of implementation and the actual implementation of the national project to unify the army.

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