Two dead and dozens wounded in a mosque blast in Benghazi

Two people were killed and dozens wounded on Friday in an explosion at Saad bin Abada mosque, known as Al-Maqsabi mosque, in Al-Humayza area in ​​Benghazi.

The official spokesperson of Benghazi Security Directorate Moataz Al-Akouri told ArraedLG, “two bags of explosives were used,” in the bombing, one was placed in the restroom of the mosque, and the other in the corner “Khalwa”. He estimated number of injured to surpass dozens.

For her part, Al-Jalaa Hospital spokeswoman, Fadia Al-Barghouthi confirmed the hospital’s continuation to provide treatment to the injured, noting the difficulty of assessing the needs of the hospital in this circumstance.

In January, Benghazi witnessed an explosion in the mosque of Baiat Al-Radwan, where more than 30 people were killed.

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