United States: elections the only way to power in Libya

The US representative to the United Nations, Nicky Haley, confirmed that her country will oppose any military solution to the political crisis in Libya.

Haley explained at Ghassan Salame’s, UN envoy to Libya, briefing, on Wednesday that the military option would serve “terrorist groups”, adding that the “only legitimate” route to power is through free and fair elections.

The United States stands firmly in support Ghassan Salame’s efforts to implement the UN plan in Libya, Haley said, stressing that there is no alternative to the UN operation in Libya.

Haley also said that the US has contributed “generously” with international organizations operating in Libya with more than $ 150 million; to alleviate the suffering of Libyans, and in support for immigrants.

The United Nations envoy for Libya, Ghassan Salama, on Wednesday, briefed the Security Council on the mission’s work in Libya.

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