UNSMIL: 5 civilians killed in December as a result of hostilities

The United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) has documented the deaths of five civilians, three men and two children, and the injury of another in December in three cities: Benghazi (3 deaths and 1 injury), Zawiya (1 death) and Sabratha (1 death).

The mission said that explosive remnants of war were the reason behind the four deaths and one injury, indicating that war leftovers were the cause of most of these casualties, adding that it documented one death as a result of shooting.

In the report published on its official website on Sunday, the UNSMIL said the number of victims fell for the second month in a row compared to October 2016.

It added that this month there were seven casualties, among them dead and injured, as a result of other violations of human rights and international law, one is the assassination of   Misurata mayor, Mohamed Al-Shtewi.

The United Nations Support Mission in Libya documented last November, 6 deaths and 10 injuries among civilians, in four cities in Libya, because of hostile acts.

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