Supreme Council of the State member Najat Sharaf Al-Deen: The statement of the Security Council is a message to those who are trying overlook the political agreement

On Saturday, a member of the Supreme Council of the State, Najat Sharaf Al-Deen, said that the Security Council statement is a clear message to all parties trying to provoke chaos and aim to use December 17th as an excuse to sabotage state institutions.

In a press statement Arraed LG Sharaf Al-Deen expressed her rejection of any attempt to impose a new future in Libya that is not based off the dialogue that Libyans want. She  called on all parties to join the consensus and to participate in the referendum on the constitution and end the transitional stages.

She explained that there is no alternative to the political agreement as a solution to the crisis in Libya, noting that the agreement does not end until the referendum on the constitution and elections are held.  

It should be noted that the Security Council issued a statement stressing the need for the Libyan political agreement to remain the sole reference for ending the transitional period.

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